UMB OpenCourseWare

UMass Boston has been contributing to the OpenCourseWare movement since 2007 and has a substantial collection of free course materials available. UMass Boston faculty are invited to continue sharing their course materials and make them available for the public. Our team of Instructional Designers will help you with the process. Materials shared in OpenCourseWare benefit the public around the world in a number of ways: they help high school students prepare for college; other instructors looking for ideas for a new course; or community members researching a topic. To learn more about making your course materials available on OpenCourseWare, visit the UMB OpenCourseWare website.

UMB iTunes U

UMass Boston’s iTunes U is a repository of course materials, lectures, seminars, and other valuable information related to the university. Teachers can use iTunes U to share course materials  — including audio and video lectures– enabling their students to learn on the go using the iTunes app on their mobile or desktop devices. Click here to launch UMass Boston’s collection on iTunes U. To learn how to make your course materials available on UMass Boston’s iTunes U, email

Open Online Courses on UKnow, UMass Boston

“UKnow, UMass Boston” is UMass Boston’s space on the new Open Education platform by Blackboard. This platform is used to offer free non-credit courses to the public at large, in a MOOC-like format. “UKnow, UMass Boston” is part of UMassOnline — your entry into the University of Massachusetts’ online courses, certificates, degree programs, and corporate and professional education opportunities. Visit the UMass Boston page on the UKnow, UMass Boston space for current course offerings. To offer an open course, email

ScholarWorks at UMass Boston

ScholarWorks is the University of Massachusetts Boston’s online institutional repository for scholarship and research. ScholarWorks serves as a publishing platform, a preservation service, and a showcase for the research and scholarly output of members of the UMass Boston community. Institutional Repositories (IRs) bring together all of a University’s research under one umbrella, with an aim to preserve and provide access to that research. IRs are an excellent vehicle for working papers or copies of published articles and conference papers. Presentations and other works not published elsewhere can also be published in the IR. To learn more about how to include your scholarship and research in ScholarWorks, visit the ScholarWorks website.