List of Open Educational Resources

Below is a collection of Open Educational Resources based on a list provided by  Instructors must check the intellectual property license for material to ensure proper use and attribution.  All resources are assumed to be free unless otherwise specified.

OER Aggregates

  • Mason OER Metafinder (MOM) – Simultaneously search multiple OER repositories
  • – Online content; aging, anthropology, archaeology, cultural geography, languages, linguistics, game-based learning, communication across cultures, economics, US History, Asian studies, and more.
  • – Locate your discipline; business, arts, education, humanities, math, statistics, science, technology, social sciences OR locate by type of material;  animations, assessment, assignments, case studies, drill and practice, open textbook, quiz/test, tutorials and more.
  • – Open access journals in science (biology, genetics) and medicine.


New! OER Search Tool

Use the Mason OER Metafinder search tool developed by OER experts at George Mason University to search through some popular repositories.


  • – Free textbooks;  math, physics, chemistry, biology, economics, Astronomy, US History, American Government, Sociology, Psychology.
  • – Low cost and free texts; Nursing, Critical Issues in Health, Addiction, Accounting, Common Sense Management, College Writing, Physical geography.
  •  – Open textbook library; Accounting & Finance, Business, Management & Marketing, Computer Science & Information Systems, Economics, Education, Engineering, Humanities & Languages, Journalism, Media Studies & Communications, Law, Mathematics & Statistics, Medicine, Natural & Physical Sciences, Social Sciences, Student Success.
  •– College textbooks; political science, computers, history, communications, science, arts, education, business, english.
  • BC Campus Open Textbooks; art, business, recreation & tourism, social sciences, trades.
  •  online textbooks, free content, sociology, psychology, statistics and much more.
  • – Open textbooks; Art, Biology, Business, Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics, Education, Health, Nursing, History, Physics, Sociology, Probability and Statistics.
  • –  Writing Spaces is an open textbook project for college-level writing studies courses.
  • The LibreTexts Project –  Open-access textbooks and other resources developed in collaboration by a number of institutions, led by UC Davis.
  • Rebus Press Projects –  Find, create, and collaborate on books created by the Rebus Community
  • Athabasca University Press – Canada’s first open access scholarly press

Open Source Articles and Books


Science and Engineering

Virtual Simulation Tools and Software

Movies, Videos, Multimedia Resources



Faculty Development

Open Access Repositories

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